Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala

Environmental Impact


AGAIG minimizes environmental impacts by promoting sustainable coffee farming and land cultivation methods while supporting reforestation projects to protect local rainforest.




1. Sustainable farming methods

AGAIG is committed to ensuring that our partner producers are using farming methods that minimize environmental impacts. AGAIG takes a very serious view on the long term sustainability of coffee production. We are always on the lookout for better techniques or plant species.

At Inception, 2004

Mainly subsistence farming.


June 2012

Provided technical assistance.

Introduced new variety of plants for intercropping. Increase income and food source for producer families.

Introduced new varieties of shade trees. Supplement producer families’ diets and income.

Promoted responsible land usage, no clearing of rainforest for coffee plantations.

Promoted responsible, minimal use of herbicides and insecticides on coffee producing plants.

2. Sustainable coffee processing methods

There are many value added steps from growing the coffee plants to cupping the popular coffee beverage in the retail stores. Through the technical assistance of AGAIG, our coffee producers work tirelessly each step of the way, using responsible techniques and innovative technologies are made possible through the small scale nature of our production.

At Inception, 2004

Mainly subsistence farming.


June 2012

Used only 5% of the typical water amount of other coffee processing methods.

All planting, transplanting, cultivation and picking are done by manual human labor.

Washing, sorting, grading, packing, and weighing are done by hand.

All by-products of coffee production are used as fertilizers.

3. Reforestation projects

AGAIG is passionate about protecting and restoring local rainforest. Besides planting shade trees as part of coffee production, AGAIG also participates or manages reforestation projects in different regions of Guatemala. We also have ongoing research and feasibility studies in this area.





At Inception, 2004



June 2012

Involved in tree plantings, nurseries and seed donations.

Managed 10 nurseries, total production of approximately 5,000 trees.

Managed 1 large scale program in Ixcan with 10,000 trees planted.

Ongoing seed donations, more than 400,000 seeds donated to date. Varieties include macadamia and timber.