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The Cancha

Prior to the construction of the Cancha (sports pitch), San Miguel Escobar did not have any public playground or recreational facilities for the local children. The primary school used the main thoroughfare for recess and you would often see children playing soccer in the streets. Two of the San Miguel Cooperative's farmers, Timoteo and Filiberto, decided to turn their two adjacent pieces of land into a multi-purposed resource. Together, with AGAIG, they created a public playground that could also be used for coffee drying!

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The Cancha is used to dry out coffee beans during the harvest, and contains unique compartments to be used as coffee washers. Since the drying process only happens during a small portion of the year, the Cancha is used the rest of the year by the local children as a playground and also hosts organized grade school activities. The park includes two multipurpose courts for basketball, volleyball and papifut (a version of soccer). There is a playhouse and a garden space as well as a roofed workspace for processing coffee or watching the games!