Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala

Community Projects

As Green As It Gets is inherently community development. A cottage industry that supports local agriculture is community development.  A collective of weavers or an association of coffee producers is community development.  We develop a community economically, creating industrial, agricultural, and tourism-related businesses and jobs.  We develop a community’s leadership, with local boards of directors and business managers.  We develop a community’s education, creating strong vocational classes and opportunities.  Some deserve some special recognition.  Here are the highlights from some of our most recent endeavors.


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 Alana Leilani Vocational School  La Cancha (Sports Park & Community Space)
The community of San Miguel Escobar, where AGAIG is headquartered, is on its way to getting its first secondary school building. Designed in conjunction wtih Architects Without Borders, the school will strive to be as sustainable as possible, while providing advanced education and vocational training. Construction began in 2010, and will proceed as we continue to receive donations for materials and volunteers who donate their time to this project! San Miguel Escobar never had a place for its children to play safely. There was no playground or recreation facilities. The public school held recess on the main traffic thoroughfare in town and kids held soccer games in the busy, dusty streets. Now, thanks to two of the cooperative's farmers and their collaboration with AGAIG, the town has the cancha, with space for a playground, two multipurpose courts and a roofed workspace for processing coffee or watching games.