Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala


While drinking a cup of coffee, very few of us consider the coffee's origins and even fewer of us think about the farmers that brought us that liquid heaven in a cup. As Green As It Gets is proud to say that we know the farmers individually and their amazing stories...and you can too. As Green is proud of the work we've done with the farmers and co-ops to make sure that they get paid a fair wage for their hard work, but not at your expense. We are the only NGO licensed to export coffee and we don't take any money from the sales, so all of the profits go directly to the farmers.

As Green works to identify the barriers that prevent farmers from earning full profits and provides assistance and training where it's needed. In the years since the founding of the organization, farmers have seen significant improvements in areas like increased coffee sales, additional capacity, and the farmers have developed new skills, adding value. Increased coffee sales give farmers and their families access to more opportunities, such as education, health, implementation of community projects and investment in land and animal husbandry. Together As Green and the people supporting the farmers' journies have come a long way, however, collectively we have a long way to go. 

This is an illustration of our process:






How does this affect farmers?

Click here to see a graph that shows the differences in wages associated with each stage and why the work
As Green does is so important.



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