Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala



AGAIG’S roots are in coffee, but we realized that our model of helping skilled small-business coffee farmers receive a fair wage for their product could be applied to other types of businesses.

Artisans’ skills allow them to create beautiful products, but they often lack the necessary funding, business training, or access to markets to turn their craft into an income-generating profession.

To give local artisans a leg up, we provide financing to purchase machinery and materials, technical training on production methods, ideas for products that would appeal to their target market, and connections with customers who are interested in their wares. This comprehensive approach allows artisans to generate an income for themselves and increase the standard of living of their family.

We’d like to introduce you to our artisans and families, the artists who paint, forge, carve, weave, embroider, or otherwise practice a craft that is as beautiful as it is functional.