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Service Learning Trips

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Service Learning Trips for groups and students.

Participate in an As Green As It Gets Service Learning trip and give back to a rural community during a once in a lifetime experience.  Spend a week living and working with the entrepreneurs and farmers of a small Guatemalan community.  Learn about daily life in the Guatemalan highlands amid crowing roosters, barking street dogs and local businessmen selling fruit out of the back of their trucks. Learn to make artisinal products as varied as coffee, jade jewelry and mahogany woodwork.  You’ll get your hands dirty assisting with construction or environmental projects while leaving your imprint behind on community infrastructure. Expand your horizons and make the world a smaller place by creating personal, lasting ties with a local community in Guatemala.

Service Learning Trips are custom made to the needs of your group.

The average tourist will take home souvenirs and memories.  You’ll leave with the wisdom and understanding that comes from working with skilled artisans, planting environmentally and economically sustainable crops, discussing the plight of the subsistence farmer, or learning the roles we each play in the $20 billion global coffee economy. You’ll help our communities by building a classroom, planting trees for food production or erosion control, harvesting coffee or supporting local environmental projects.

Service Learning Trips teach you processing techniques you’ve never done before.

Learn how to ferment coffee so it is smooth, not astringent. Discover how to turn macadamia nuts into lip balm or castor beans into biodiesel. Build a multi-purpose room that will survive an earthquake. Identify a jade pebble among thousands of rocks.  Whether you’re grafting a nispero tree or harvesting jocotes, you’ll gain various memorable experiences.

Service Learning Trips introduce you to the people behind the scenes.

Interact with the family of a coffee farmer and learn about their daily lives. Hear stories from the locals who have devised new products and methods to use local materials and develop sustainable business practices. Your experience will be a personal interaction with people who impact your life even when you're not thinking about it.

Service Learning Trips tackle tough questions for the civic-minded.

Do product certifications provide more than just a feel-good moment for the consumer? How can international "nonprofit" microlending institutions make huge profits by charging interest rates that are illegal in the developed world?  Why does 60% of aid money never reach the country it was intended for?  In a world with no gold standard, who determines the value of cash?  If coffee, cocoa, and cardamom are among the world’s most valuable commodities, why can’t farmers of these products afford to send their children to school? You’ll begin to understand the very complexly woven web of socio-economics in developing nations and how your daily decisions back home directly impact people in local communities such as San Miguel Escobar. You’ll leave with not only an understanding of global issues, but with a concrete plan to be part of the solution.

Service Learning Trips leave plenty of time for personal exploration.

Surf the Pacific Ocean and walk the black sand beaches.  Relax beside a lake in the caldron of an ancient volcano or hike along an active volcano's flowing lava.  Wander indigenous food markets, explore Spanish colonial capitals and rediscover uncovered Mayan ruins. Combine fulfilling work with a healthy dose of relaxation and fun. 

To find out more about our Service Learning Trips for students and groups, contact us at and we will help you build the ideal trip. Check out Trip Advisor comments or add your own.


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Wow you guys are impressive! I feel so very fortunate to have been able to work and learn from you all. Thank you for all of your work in aiding this beautiful community to better living standards. I never could have expected to be working with such a brilliant, caring and hardworking community. Thank you for shedding light on the history of Guatemala. Thank you for being human and recognizing the importance of working with fellow people to create a more positive web of relationships on Earth. It is thrilling to see a community like this working so successfully. And thank you Franklin for initiating this movement and sharing your experience. I can't wait to see you all in the future!

- Sarah (Southern Oregon University Service Learning Trip, December 2012)


Thank you for your tour on our first day, it was super interesting! I enjoyed it a lot, as well as my entire stay with AGAIG! You are all so lovely and sweet! I hope to come back one day if needed! Thanks again! Y por favor, saludos a los campesinos (farmers)!

- Jana (Southern Oregon University Service Learning Trip, Decemeber 2012)


Thanks for an amazing two weeks! We can't thank you enough for doing what you do and being so kind and thoughtful all the time.

- Allyson (Sourther Oregon University Service Learning Trip, December 2012)





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