Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala


Looking for ways to get involved with As Green As It Gets? We offer a number of ways you can do just that. 

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Service Learning Trips   Buy Our Coffee   Volunteer
Our service learning trips are designed to offer a unique cultural experience that includes volunteering on construction projects and helping coffee farmers. These trips combine manual work, an enlightening view on the local culture, critical thinking and, of course, various ways to have fun.   A fundamental way to support our mission and our farmers is by buying our coffee. We sell both green and roast coffee with the farmers receiving 100% of the profits. Where else can you get such a great product and know that it's supporting those that need it most?   If you are looking for a long-time position in an organization supporting small businesses and farmers read more about what we have available. Alternatively, we also offer short term volunteer and internship opportunities. We're always looking for good people.