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Donate to As Green As It Gets and be part of the process making impactful and lasting changes to the lives of Guatemalan families and communities.

Your gifts will help us remove the barriers of economic development for farmers and families, building sustainable solutions for generations to come. With your help we can strengthen communities and community networks as we work with the farmers to find innovative ways for small businesses to grow and enable direct trade.

Through coffee and other small businesses, our cooperative members can provide income for their immediate daily needs and also reserve for future investment.


Donate Today for the Roya Program

 farmer-with-roya-plantCoffee leaf rust (roya) has been a key concern throughout 2013. The problem is so serious in Guatemala that it continues to capture international headlines, and the government has declared the disease a 'national emergency.' Poor coffee farming communities that cannot afford to protect their crops have been devastated by the disease, with some losing 80% or more of their coffee plants.

Throughout this year, we have been helping communities protect their crops and cope with the immediate effects of the rust. However with the continued direct impact on household incomes, it is essential we step-up the program in 2014 to support more vulnerable families.

That’s why we have launched our Roya Program, through which we aim to raise $20,000. It would be wonderful to have your support to help us reach our goal. With funds raised through this campaign we plan to undertake the following crucial activities:

  • Implement nutritional programs to reduce food insecurity amongst families - one of the most devastating effects of the loss of income
  • Distribute fertilizer and foliar sprays to protect the coffee plants and reduce future losses
  • Develop tree nurseries to replace lost crops and increase the ownership of roya resistant coffee plants
  • Deliver roya training to teach communities how to protect against roya and treat their plants
  • Deliver agricultural training on plant nutrition, soil fertility and agricultural best practices to improve productivity and increase resistance to roya
  • Test soil samples to better understand the deficiencies and how best to treat them



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