Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala

Give a gift that grows: champion a community

woman web vA donation of $40 per month can help a community improve their livelihoods as they work together to build themselves a brighter future. Share the joys and struggles of rural small-scale farmers in Guatemala, with regular updates that show how your support is helping improve their family and community.

Your gifts will help empower the cooperative members, foster entrepreneurship within the community and provide sustainable solutions to economic development. Every farmer passes on the knowledge and skills they've learned to others, therefore your gift will grow and grow through the generations.

Your steady investment allows As Green As It Gets to maximize our impact on the communities we work alongside. Through monthly donations, you provide As Green with a consistent and reliable source of funding that allows us to plan ahead.

Through quarterly updates you will get to know the farmers in the community and see the benefits of your donation. Your regular gift will help farmers' groups overcome the huge challenges they face in growing their livelihoods.

Not only will you enjoy learning about the cooperatives throughout the year as they go from planting, growing, and picking to exporting their produce but you will also receive a bag of their delicious coffee delivered direct to your doorstep twice a year (in the US and Canada only).

Help us reach our goal of empowering small-scale entrepreneurs to break the cycle of poverty and improve their quality of life.


The details

Your gift will help us provide the community with support such as:

  • small loans for access to land, equipment and plants
  • technological solutions to growing and processing coffee
  • training in sustainable cultivation techniques
  • empowerment of women farmers and entrepreneurs
  • networking and cooperation amongst community members
  • access to local and international markets
  • training farmers to be involved in the entire coffee process from bean, roast, export to cup


In return for your investment, you will receive:

  • a photo and information about your supported community
  • quarterly updates about your community
  • Guatemala's finest coffee delivered direct from the As Green As It Gets farmers' fields to your doorstep twice a year
  • regular newsletter with updates on developments in the field, photos and events


We hope you enjoy learning about the cooperatives throughout the year as they go from planting, growing, picking to exporting their produce!

Thank you for your generous support for the As Green As It Gets farmers and community members.