Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala

Friends and Partners

As Green As It Gets could not do the work they do without the help of great partners. We are indebted to all.

Antigua Mechanical logo Antigua Mechanical LLC have been kind enough to donate tools and labor to As Green and the cooperatives.
Farmer to farmer logo Farmer to Farmer have supported As Green through coffee sales, generous donations, including legal scales and a trilladroa, and hold an active relationship with the Huehuetenango cooperative.
HC logo for CP noaddress Hamagami Carroll, Inc. has been instrumental and pivotal in helping As Green with their branding efforts.
Mighty Clever logo Mighty Clever has been generous with their time and resources, both in Guatemala and in the US, with developing videos for As Green. 
Sarah Peet logo Sarah Peet is a phenomenal photographer and generously donated her time taking photos for As Green. Most of the photos on the site are Sarah's.
Rotary club logo The Rotary Club of Buffalo Minnesota has been amazing to As Green over many years, including helping on-site with many different projects in Guatemala and giving us generous donations.
salesforce logo 3 has an amazing team of people who have been so kind to help on projects in Guatemala and give monetary donations and office solutions.
Valhalla logo 2 Valhalla Experimental Station has donated an oil press that enabled us to start our biodiesel program. They have also donated seedlings to As Green farmers for shade trees. We have also received supported for our decaffeination process with macadamia nut shells.


The following companies help support As Green by sending much-needed volunteers our way to work on our many and varied projects. The work we do could not be accomplished without the hardwork and sweat of many individuals.

Maximo Nivel logo Maximo Nivel offers its TEFL/TESOL Certification, Native Spanish Program, International Volunteer Program and Native English Program.
volunteer-latin-america Volunteer Latin America is an environmentally-friendly organization that connects voluntary organizations and projects with a global audience of volunteers. We specialize in connecting volunteers to free and low-cost volunteer opportunities. We are also a useful resource for anyone interested in learning Spanish in Central or South America.