Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala

Mission and Values

AGAIG provides coffee farmers and local businesses with training and support that enable them to create profitable, marketable products, thereby allowing them to improve their quality of life and help their communities in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

Our goal, at its simplest, is to help those in poverty by enabling them to increase their income by engaging in well-paying economic activity. This activity is most beneficial when it is environmentally and economically sustainable – viable in the long-term without damaging to the environment. It should also be mindful of the community’s needs and give back through better-paying jobs or access to services and infrastructure.

To that end we hold these principles:

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We believe that a long-lasting, trusting relationship between all stakeholders must be based in a firm adherence to openness. We strive to be transparent and open about our programs and their funding both with the Guatemalans we support as well as our foreign supporters and funders.

To every extent possible, we involve Guatemalans in our decision making process in a meaningful way, so that our programs are tailored to their needs and not the other way around.

We believe that environmental sustainability must be a fundamental part of how humans live. To that end, we strive to ensure that all projects minimize their negative impact on the natural environment and contribute positively wherever possible.