Supporting sustainable economic development
and direct trade in Guatemala


In 2005, Franklin Voorhes was an engineer-turned-volunteer looking to put his expertise to use in Guatemala. After meeting coffee farmers who toiled year-round to sell their coffee fruit for prices as low as Q.80 ($.10) per pound, he was inspired to help them capture the true economic value of their labor. He began teaching farmers how to process their coffee fruit into marketable roasted coffee and found financing for the purchase of the land and machinery needed to turn the cooperative into a profitable business. 

After the first night of coffee sales, farmer Felix PorĂ³n made more money in one day than his entire income from coffee in the previous year. Both Franklin and Felix knew that the simple concept of enabling people to earn a fair wage for their hard work had enormous potential to change the lives of many Guatemalans for the better.

2009 Coffee Export
  2012, first-ever year with two exports

Since then, the original coffee cooperative that AGAIG helped found has grown into a group of 25 farmers who share resources to process, export, and sell their coffee. AGAIG now facilitates a network of coffee cooperatives around Guatemala that collectively exported over 65,000 pounds in 2012, pumping over $150,000 annually into the local Guatemalan economy. These cooperatives are managed by local leadership and supported by AGAIG infrastructure and staff.

As Green As It Gets has also expanded into other areas, creating additional sustainable businesses and strengthening the local community. With the help of supporters, the dedication of farmers, and the hard work of passionate individuals, As Green As It Gets has grown into a vibrant high-impact organization. To learn more details of our activities, visit the What We Do page.